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Posted on Mai 10, 2015 by in Editor's Choice | 0 comments

Why to wear heels?

Because it gives elegance and style in society, some of us will say, me included.

But do we know who and why invented high heels and what was the purpose of wearing it?

We know that Medieval Europeans wore soled shoes – a type shoe made from wood who were actually the predecessors of heels. Elizabeth Semmelhack, curator at Bata Shoe Museum followed heels to the Middle East Persian riders who have used this type of shoes for functionality as it helped them keep their feet in stirrups.

During the sixteenth century, European royalties like Catherine de Medici or Mary I of England began to wear heels to make them look taller and since 1580 men start to add heels to their wardrobes.

After the Second World War, heels fell several times and climbed back again as the ladder of fashion, the most important being late 1990’s. Heel shape changed from block (1970) in conical (1990) and stiletto ( early 1950’s,  1960’s, 1980’s and after 2000).

Nowadays, heels are worn with heights ranging from a cat frame (3.8 cm) to stiletto heels or pointed (10 cm or more). Heel shoes come in different styles and frames and can be made in various forms such as stiletto, pampa, block, tapered, blade or father. Although the inventor of heels is unknown, it will remain and will continue to be an elegant type of footwear, stylish and stately.

by Alex

Painting: Beverly Brown

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